Bulk Bins and Skip Hire Melbourne

Bulk bins are effective in removing a large amount of waste materials for recycling or landfill. With more than 50 bulk bins of different sizes, you can hire a bulk bin that suits your needs at an affordable cost in Melbourne with Inspired Waste Solutions. We have bulk bins that have lids and others that don’t cater to the needs of our clients (everyone has a preference). You can use our bulk bins on a wide range of applications including construction waste disposal, demolition waste sites or removing builder’s wastes. Our bulk bins can be used to dispose of heavy waste materials like soil, glass, bricks, rocks and concrete rubble. If you have a large excavation site or industry, you might find our bulk bins better and practical when compared to the front lift bin. This is due to the increased size of the bins thus saving you time and money when disposing of waste materials.

To guarantee safety, only one bin is collected by the garbage truck and we have experts for the task. Our bulk bins can be used for the following:

  • Disposing of out of date products that are written off for landfill or stock-feed

  • Removing the black plastic (silage) waste

  • Large constructions, industrial and demolition waste

  • Handling recyclable and non-recyclable waste/materials

  • For industries or factories that generate large volumes of solid waste that cannot be compacted


What makes our Bulk Bins the Best in Melbourne?

  • We have crane rated steel bins

  • We have highly engineered & certified hook lift bins

  • We have bins of different sizes even for large amounts of waste recycling

  • Our bulk bins are available for short or long-term hire

Skip Hire Bins Melbourne

However, if you don’t have large amounts of waste materials, you can opt in to use a commercial skip bin hire. They are practical, safe and effective in disposing of waste materials whether recyclable or not. They are available with different sizes to suit your needs and budget. Skip bins can be used to dispose of sheets, timber, and other construction materials. If you need to dispose of high volumes of paper or cardboard products and a skip bin hire is not ideal, we can arrange for other recycling bins e.g. caged cardboard bins. We have been providing skip bin hire in Melbourne for more than a decade. Ergo, we understand your needs and our staff is skilled and experienced to provide reliable services at all times.

If you have any questions about bulk bins hire or skip hire bins, please contact us at 03 9945 8400  and we will be happy to help you with all your queries.