Cardboard Recycling Melbourne

Work with the Best Cardboard Recycling Service

Every business wants to recycle. It’s good for the planet, it saves money and time on conventional waste disposal and it gives unwanted materials a chance to be useful again. It can also involve extra work. And let’s face it, you’ve got a business to run. Your main priority is your employees.

But what if we told you Inspired Waste Solutions provides an end to end recycling service? We’ll supply recycling bins and containers. All you’ve got to do is put your paper and cardboard waste in the right places. When your bins are full, we’ll pick them up and deliver your waste to a specialist recycling centre.

It’s paper and cardboard recycling made easy. So, what are you waiting for? Support the planet today with one phone call to Inspired Waste Solutions.

Types of Cardboard and Paper We Collect and Recycle

Even in our increasingly digital age, businesses continue to use huge volumes of paper. Computer print outs, envelopes, magazines, brochures, flyers, newspapers, storage boxes, external packaging; it’s all paper-based.

Inspired Waste Solutions collects and recycles all clean, dry paper and unwaxed card materials. When you choose fast, efficient cardboard recycling in Melbourne, you get maximum impact for minimum effort. All paper waste gets reused as packaging, industrial paper, kitty litter, food cartons, home insulation and more.

The only variety of paper we don’t collect is laminate. If you’re unsure, give a ring to our friendly customer service team on  03 9945 8400.

We Take the Work Out of Responsible Recycling

Inspired Waste Solutions offers an end-to-end paper recycling service. It means we do the hard work for you. Just tell us how many recycling bins you need. We’ll drop them off at your location. Set up a regular collection schedule. Or just call us when your paper bins need emptying.

Whether you’re a small office, a sprawling supermarket, a local restaurant or a children’s leisure centre, we’ll take your waste to recycle. Start saving money and time with smart, affordable recycling services in your Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane neighbourhood.