Sanitary Hygiene Services Brisbane

Maintaining high levels of hygiene is essential in any place of business. That’s why Inspired Waste Solutions helps business owners in Brisbane to keep their facilities clean and tidy. We are a leading sanitary bins and bathroom services company. We provide toilet and washroom hygiene services.

Why choose Inspired Waste Solutions?

With experience that spans more than 20 years, we are in the best position to meet your bathroom maintenance needs. We can provide you with high-quality and reliable hygiene services, and we offer them with a caring attitude. We have provided hygiene services for both private and public organisations over the years. You can, therefore, have peace of mind when you know that Inspired Waste Solutions is servicing your bathrooms. The industries we serve include:


Our experience enables us to excel at providing schools with hygiene services. We only hire people who have passed a background check, and we train them thoroughly. Our services are flexible and discrete.


If you own or manage a leisure facility like an aquarium, cinema, or swimming facility, you need to keep the bathrooms sanitary, hygienic, and well-managed to create a positive impression on your customers. Let us service your washrooms.


Healthcare facilities like hospitals, doctors’ offices, and chiropractic clinics benefit immensely from hygienic bathroom management. Inspired Waste Solutions can meet your needs.


We offer sanitary hygiene services to warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and offices. Keeping your workplace hygienic is a great way to show your employees and customers that you are concerned about their comfort and safety. Research shows that the quality of washroom facilities can affect how valued employees feel, their productivity, and their happiness. Therefore, it is crucial to have well-maintained bathrooms with high-quality facilities.


As a cleaning contractor, managing agent, or facilities manager, you can subcontract washroom services to our company to increase service quality and minimize expenses. This can also enable you to concentrate on your primary activities.


Places where food is prepared, served, and eaten demand excellent hygienic management. We are proud to maintain facilities that promote clean hotels, restaurants, and food chains.

At Inspired Waste Solutions, we provide the hygiene services and products you need to have functional and high-quality bathrooms. We also service the products often. Servicing includes exchanging hygiene sanitary bins, maintaining air fresheners, and refilling soap dispensers, among other things. Besides, we supply hand sanitation products and service medical disposal bins suitable for use in hospitals, clinics, gyms, and first aid rooms. We replace sanitary bins with sanitised ones every service. Our team disposes of the waste in full compliance with the law. We pride ourselves in proving the hygiene services Brisbane residents expect. Call us 03 9945 8400.