Sanitary Hygiene Services Melbourne

Sanitary Hygiene Service – Choose the Safest Waste Disposal Services

There are some corporate responsibilities businesses prefer to handle quickly and quietly. Often, they’re some of the most important. Sanitary hygiene services, for example, are an integral part of the daily operation of companies with public or employee bathrooms. That’s almost all businesses in the country.

Whether you’re a restaurant, daycare centre, clothing store, supermarket or stationery supplier, high-quality hygiene services are essential. At Inspired Waste Solutions, sanitary collections and disposals are always fast, reliable and fuss-free. We keep you clean so you can have the best day, every day.

Feminine Sanitary Disposal

We supply feminine waste and hygiene sanitary bins to businesses in Melbourne and surrounding areas. You can trust our hygiene management team to drop off, collect and empty your bathroom bins in the safest, cleanest way possible. Our disposal experts are highly trained and fully compliant with local and federal regulations.

Nappy Disposal

We also offer safe nappy disposal as part of our hygiene services in Melbourne and other areas. As with sanitary disposals, nappy waste must be removed and handled according to strict hygiene regulations. Let us take the work out of keeping your bathrooms clean.

Urinal Cleaning and Disinfecting

Inspired Waste Solutions also provides a deep clean service for urinals. Male bathrooms, particularly those in public spaces, can get dirty and smelly very quickly. With regularly scheduled cleaning from a provider you can trust, there’s no need to worry about bothersome bathrooms. Stay fresh, clean and ready for anything.

Hand Washing and Drying

Want to make sure every trip to the bathroom is a happy one for your employees and customers? Keep it clean with premium soap dispensers, air dryers and paper towel holders from Inspired Waste Solutions. Our washing and drying apparatus is specially designed for maximum cleanliness and hygiene.

Call our friendly customer service team today on 03 9945 8400 to find out what sanitary hygiene services we can offer your business. When it comes to cleanliness, every solution should be inspired.