Soft Plastic Recycling Melbourne

Like many of you, the team here at Inspired Waste Solutions looks forward to a future when more of our packaging is produced sustainably. Until then, we’re committed to helping the planet by providing businesses across Melbourne and Australia with affordable soft plastic recycling.

We provide local businesses with approved recycling containers, give advice on plastic recycling routines, collect plastic waste and dispose of plastic materials responsibly. What we offer is an end to end service. You put your waste in the right bins. We’ll do the rest.

Together, we can make a difference to both local communities and to our country’s ecosystems. Sort it, bin it, recycle it.

Choose Reliable Soft Plastic Recycling in Melbourne

Commercial enterprises produce a surprising amount of plastic waste. Warehouses and distribution centres work with large volumes of plastic shrink wrap. Even small-scale offices handle plastic bags, bubble wrap and other plastic items on a daily basis. These materials cannot be recycled alongside regular cardboard waste.

Soft plastics (materials that can be scrunched or broken by hand) must be collected separately and taken to specialist recycling centres. With Inspired Waste Solutions, it’s easier than you think. Tell us what size bins you need, and we’ll drop them at your location. Schedule regular collections or just call us when your recycling bins are full.

Recyclable Varieties of Soft Plastic Waste

LDPE (low-density polyethylene)

LDPE plastic is commonly found in the stretch and shrink wraps. If you work with large scale orders and product movements, you probably use it to wrap pallets. When the waste is clean and transparent, it can be turned into everything from flooring to furniture.

EPS and Polystyrene

This type of plastic waste is most often used as foam packing peanuts and foam inserts in cardboard boxes. We do collect this material for recycling but ask customers to separate it from other types of soft plastic waste. We’ll provide the appropriate recycling bins. You just need to put it in the right container. EPS is often recycled into wood-plastic composites.

Inspired Waste Solutions collects and recycles other common types of plastic. To find out if we can collect your business’s soft plastic waste, call  03 9945 8400 today.