Medical Waste Disposal Brisbane

Healthcare facilities produce medical waste that can cause infections during handling and disposal. Whether it is part of clinical care or a first aid emergency, every workplace has to keep people safe. Hospital waste management is a significant part of ensuring safety in the workplace. Inspired Waste Solutions has over 20 years of experience in assisting healthcare facilities in protecting the well-being of their staff, patients, and visitors by offering high-quality medical waste disposal services.


We provide clinical waste management services for healthcare facilities of any size, from small clinics and pharmacies to large medical centres across Brisbane. With our expertise, we can guarantee a legally compliant, safe, and timely medical waste management service. We offer secure storage systems certified to Australian standards for general waste, pharmaceutical waste, cytotoxic waste, and laboratory waste. We have high-temperature incineration facilities that enable us to offer an environmentally friendly and approved disposal option for the following types of waste:

Clinical waste

This is any rubbish that can cause disease. It includes discarded sharps, animal waste, laboratory waste, and human tissue waste. Clinical wastes arise from nursing, medical, dental, veterinary, podiatry, pharmaceutical, laboratory, body piercing, tattooing, emergency services, mortuaries, and blood banks, among other practices. It can also come from healthcare or other facilities when patients are undergoing tests or receiving treatment and during research projects.

Cytotoxic waste

This is waste that is contaminated with metabolites or cytotoxic drugs. Cytotoxic waste includes the residual cytotoxic drugs that could remain after a patient is treated and any materials or equipment that might have cytotoxic drugs. It is critical to handle this waste carefully. It needs to be placed in sealed purple bags and discarded into the right cytotoxic waste bins.

Collecting your cytotoxic and clinical waste

Inspired Waste Solutions provides waste containers to ensure that cytotoxic and clinical waste materials are collected and transported to our facilities safely and securely. We use approved vehicles to pick up and carry the waste safely and securely.

Waste containers to suit your needs

We provide all the clinical and cytotoxic waste containers you need for medical waste disposal Brisbane. The containers are of different sizes to meet your waste disposal needs. They range from 20-litre sealable pails to 1100 liter capacity bins. Therefore, you can easily find the containers you need.

Sharps containers

At Inspired Waste Solutions, we also provide our clients with sharps containers. We will not charge extra fees to dispose of these containers if you place them in the clinical or cytotoxic waste bins. Since we incinerate the waste, you do not have to separate sharps containers for disposal. This can reduce your waste disposal expenses and save you time.

We dispose of clinical and cytotoxic wastes safely. We understand the concerns of our clients and are proud to care for their safety, especially when you consider the risk linked with disposing of cytotoxic and clinical wastes. Incinerating the waste ensures that all the pathogens and micro-organisms in it are destroyed. Call us today at 03 9945 8400 for your medical waste disposal needs in Brisbane.