Polystyrene Recycling Brisbane

Choose Inspired Waste Solutions for affordable polystyrene recycling in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Work with our experienced team to cut costs, reduce overall waste and ensure your business makes a positive contribution to environmental initiatives.

Want to get more out of your waste? We can help you do it. Call 03 9945 8400 for waste management advice or to arrange polystyrene collections.

Will Inspired Waste Solutions Collect My Waste?


We specialise in the responsible collection and management of polystyrene and soft plastic waste from Brisbane businesses. There are two types of common polystyrene waste:

Rigid Polystyrene (PS) – moulded food containers (such as yoghurt pots) are easy to repurpose if collected in suitable containers and transported to treatment facilities.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) – EPS waste is harder to recycle because it is a mixture of plastic and air. Without support from a licensed collection service (like Inspired Waste Solutions), it can be inconvenient and expensive to repurpose this material.

Our polystyrene recycling teams can provide you with suitable collection bins and visit your business premises on a regular basis to make pick-ups.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling Polystyrene Waste?

Reduced Carbon Footprint – we should all be doing more to reduce our impact on the environment. Recycling your polystyrene is a great step towards reducing your business’ carbon footprint.

Convenient Waste Management – polystyrene is not accepted by all local waste collection services. If it’s not accepted in your neighbourhood, you have to find an alternative solution and a place to store potentially bulky waste in the meantime.

Save Money on Landfill Levies – the cost of waste management in Brisbane continues to increase year on year. Working with a dedicated soft plastics recycler, like Inspired Waste Solutions, is an easy way to cut costs and get a flat rate bimonthly or annual fee.

Save Time and Cut Costs – put your polystyrene waste in our special containers. Then, let us handle the rest. Save time and money by ensuring staff don’t spend hours sorting or transporting your waste.

Want to get more out of your waste? Call us today on 03 9945 8400 to discuss your waste collection needs. We can deliver polystyrene containers to your location within hours.