Sanitary Hygiene Services Sydney

Whatever your type of business, cleanliness is essential. From commercial offices to manufacturing plants, shopping malls, supermarkets and more: hygiene plays a big part in daily work routines. So, let Inspired Waste Solutions keep you clean with the best value hygiene services in Sydney.

We specialise in the supply, collection and replenishment of washroom products for businesses in Sydney. We deliver and maintain soap dispensers, hygiene sanitary bins, nappy change bins, air fresheners and hand dryers, as well as providing toilet detergents and other essential cleaning products.

With help from Inspired Waste Solutions, your workplace washroom will always sparkle:

Sanitary Hygiene Services

Ensure the cleanliness of your employee and customer washrooms by using our scheduled sanitary bin collections. We’ll supply, regularly collect, disinfect and reline your workplace sanitary bins to keep bathrooms clean and odour free.

Flushing sanitary products is an environmental hazard and causes blockages. Call us today to invest in a cleaner, safer solution.

Nappy Changing Facilities

Give your customers the hygiene services they need by outfitting washrooms with our state of the art nappy disposal units. We’ll supply, collect, clean and return your nappy bins as often as you require. All our nappy bins are designed to minimise contact and reduce the risk of germ transfers.

Washroom Cleaning and Hygiene Products

Inspired Waste Solutions also supplies cleaning products, air fresheners and other hygiene related items to workplaces in Sydney. For a very competitive rate, we’ll manage the supply and replenishment of all your hygiene products. You’ll never run out of hand sanitising gels, urinal cakes, air fresheners, toilet wipes or cleaning sprays again.

Washroom Vending Machines

Want to give your customers more? Invest in our premium condom and tampon vending machines and supplies. For a low price, we’ll install the vending machines and refill them according to a monthly or biyearly schedule.

To find out how Inspired Waste Solutions can help you increase the cleanliness of your employee and customer washrooms, call 03 9945 8400 today. Our ultimate goal is your satisfaction. So, have a chat with our friendly advisors and let us know what you need.