School Waste Management Sydney

Proper disposal, recycling and waste reduction are the crucial elements of effective waste management for schools and academic institutions in Sydney. At Inspired Waste Solutions, we have been providing unparalleled waste management services to schools, colleges and universities across Sydney and the surrounding communities.

Our Waste Management Process:

Assessment Of Your Campus:

We understand that every school has its own requirement when it comes to waste management. That is why we will develop customised solution to your campus. When you call us, we will send out one of our experts to your campus who will audit and determine your waste disposal needs.

Pickup Service Scheduled:

Based on the amount of waste generated within your school campus, we will schedule the pickup of rubbish on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We also provide one-off waste disposal solution to those schools that do not require rubbish pick up and Waste Disposal Sydney  service on a regular basis.

Skip Bins Offered:

We not only just help you with collecting and disposing of school waste but also provide skip bin hire at the most competitive prices. We stock and supply Bin Sizes Sydney in different sizes, so you can choose the one based on the quantity of waste generated in your institution. We are ready to provide separate bins for plastic bottles & cans, papers, cards and food waste to take the hassle and complexity out of recycling.

Call Us Now:

At Inspired Waste Solutions, we work with the objective of making waste management in schools, colleges and universities as simple and efficient as possible. So, you can call us on 03 9945 8400 for waste management solution and to discuss your skip bin needs.