Hazardous Waste Disposal Melbourne

Try the Safest Hazardous Waste Disposal Service in Melbourne

Inspired Waste Solutions is Melbourne’s and Australia’s premier provider of hazardous and chemical waste disposal services. With our impeccable record of safety and professionalism, there’s nobody else you want handling your hazardous materials.

We specialise in hazardous waste management such as the removal of industrial oils, chemical plant waste and biomedical materials. These are substances which cannot be handled by just any company. You need a team that’s highly experienced and trained in the safe movement of potentially harmful refuse.

It’s what Inspired Waste Solutions can deliver. So, what are you waiting for? Call our team today to get a handle on hazardous waste.

Choose Fast Waste Disposal at Inspired Waste Solutions

Onsite Treatment Plants

Our policy is to offer hazardous waste disposal services in the fastest, most efficient way possible. With our onsite treatment plants, specialised waste gets neutralised before it even leaves the business premises.

In just a few days, our team can set up a fully operational onsite processing plant to support the safe management and disposal of your waste. Whether you work in the food, mining, energy, paper or automotive sector, we’ve got the tools to keep you clean.

Base Catalysed Dechlorination

We also offer advanced base catalysed dechlorination (BCD) services. This is a chemical process that neutralises the dangerous components in a variety of chlorinated persistent organic pollutants (POPs). If you work with or handle POPs in any way, you are legally liable for their proper handling and this includes disposal of waste compounds.

Our dechlorination process reduces the toxic components in POPs from a maximum of 10,000mg/kg to negligible, untestable volumes. It’s a complex place but it’s also one of the best ways to return chemicals to a stable, non-hazardous state.

Work with a Team That’s Expertly Trained and EPA Approved

Inspired Waste Solutions has spent many years building strong relationships within Melbourne’s local business communities. Our staff are expertly trained in the disposal of biomedical waste and petroleum and other oil-based refuse materials.

We operate a strict code of accountability. Every decision, every movement we make is meticulously logged to ensure safety and transparency. It’s why we can offer your business some of the most sophisticated waste processing operations available in the country.

Call 03 9945 8400 to discuss your hazardous waste disposal strategy with our friendly customer service team.