Grease Trap Waste Disposal Brisbane

Are you responsible for maintaining a pub, club, bakery, restaurant, commercial kitchen or a food processing plant? If so, you may be relying on a grease trap to avoid oil, fats and grease waste from entering your drainage system and causing blockages. These blockages not only cause foul smells but also become toxic eventually. As a business owner or manager, you have the responsibilities of keeping your establishment in compliance with state regulations. To ensure this, you should dispose of the grease trap waste on a regular basis.
At Inspired Waste Solutions, we have been providing grease trap waste disposal service to businesses across Brisbane and the surrounding communities. Whether you need your grease waste disposed of on a regular basis or need one-time disposal service, we are so versatile to accommodate your needs.

Flexible & Compliant Service Guaranteed!

Our grease trap disposal service contributes to the overall hygiene of your commercial kitchen. Any grease that we collect from your premises is disposed of safely at licensed processing facilities in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Moreover, we can carry out grease trap waste disposal at your convenient time to suit your business. We ensure that all of our services will be performed without interfering with your day-to-day activities of your business.

Leave The Job To Us – Focus On Your Business!

Our waste disposal professionals have been properly educated and have a wealth of knowledge in this industry. We will navigate the complex regulations for you, so you can focus on keeping your business running. With our innovative grease trap waste disposal solutions, best customer support and in-depth expertise, grease and oil become a worry-free part of your business. For more details on our services, give us a call on 03 9945 8400.