Hazardous Waste Disposal Brisbane

Inspired Waste Solutions is a premier provider of hazardous waste disposal services across Brisbane. We have a highly qualified and experienced team of employees, a wide range of treatment equipment and a chain of licensed facilities. We are proud to offer a solution to our customer’s chemical waste disposal needs.

We also recover resources from hazardous waste, depending on the complexity of extraction to create a closed-loop. Our team of experts has the expertise to handle both liquid and solid chemical waste using special equipment and trucks. We also offer consultation services on hazardous waste management and regulated chemical waste.

It is essential to work with a reliable partner when disposing rubbish from your business premises. Inspired Waste Management is a licensed waste transporter. We have high-tech systems to track your business waste for efficient internal statutory reporting stipulations. Some of our services include:

Paint Recycling

Chemicals and paints have metals and solvents that have hazardous effects on humans and contaminate our groundwater. Solutions based paints in particular and old paints contain poisonous heavy metals. We can recycle solvents and paints to reduce hazardous waste disposal costs. Recycling paint minimizes the demand for non-renewable materials like paint oil.

Solvent Recycling

Our priority is to recover as much solvent as possible, making sure that there is little impact on the environment. We are licensed by the EPA to collect and our contractor’s distillation process recycle solvents. We can collect waste solvents from your workshop using special collecting trucks. We can transform the solvent into saleable grade solvent through our contractor’s distillation process and it can then be sold in the refinishing and automotive repair industry.

On-site Treatment Plants

We work hard to foster best practices with our hazardous waste disposal services. We can build on-site treatment plants for your hazardous waste and operate them. To support your business operations, we can station on-site staff who can also help you manage your waste. Inspired Waste Solutions has provided on-site treatment for clients in the energy, mining, steel, automotive, and food industries.

We are proud to have specialized equipment and the expertise to help you in managing your hazardous waste in Brisbane. We can offer chemical waste disposal and soil remediation services all customized to your business needs. Call us today at 03 9945 8400 for your hazardous waste disposal needs.