Grease Trap Waste Disposal Sydney

Inspired Waste Solutions, a leading provider of waste management services in Australia, has been providing grease trap waste disposal services to restaurants, catering companies, hotels, fast food centre and other commercial kitchens across Sydney and the surrounding communities. With plenty of experience in the waste disposal sector, we adopt the best practices and provide appropriate waste solutions to meet your grease trap waste disposal needs.

grease trap waste

Importance of Grease Trap In A Commercial Kitchen:

Restaurants and other businesses in the food industry generate tons of fat, oil and grease waste every day. When they are disposed through kitchen sinks or drains, they may cause serious blockages. On the other hand, if they enter gullies or rainwater pipes, they may pollute rivers and streams. While grease and oil in liquid form may not seem to be harmful, it hardens and congeals on cooling. That’s why they are usually collected in specially designed grease traps. These grease traps are widely used in food industry to separate fat, oil and grease from the waste water.

Why Should You Dispose Of Grease Trap Waste?

The grease waste accumulated in the traps should be disposed of on a regular basis to avoid clogs, risk of back up and creating horrible experience for your customers. Here at Inspired Waste Solutions, we take pride of our role as an innovative waste management company. Our experts are professionally trained and complete your waste disposal project in compliance with safety standards and local legal codes.

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