Cardboard Recycling Sydney

Cardboard and paper are products of tree fibers and represent a significant portion of the waste stream. Most cardboards are recycled paper products and can be recycled repeatedly. You can recycle the paper and cardboard in your business premises. Recycling these materials into new products reduces environmental risks. If your business premises or workplace has a significant amount of cardboard and paper that needs to be recycled, contact Inspired Waste Solutions. We provide efficient paper recycling options in Sydney.

At Inspired Waste Solutions, we are committed to making sure that waste disposal sydney is carried out efficiently. We engage in sustainable recycling efforts, with environmental conservation being our priority. In Australia, 3.5 million tons of cardboard and paper is used every year. When paper and cardboard is disposed of in landfill instead of being recycled, it creates methane gas while breaking downs. Methane is one of the leading greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Its lifespan is twenty-one times longer than that of carbon dioxide.

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Recycling cardboard and paper is sensible because they are both made from wood pulp. Recycling cardboard and paper is easier and more efficient than creating these materials anew. The benefits of paper and cardboard recycling Sydney include:

  • Limiting greenhouse gas emission
  • Preserving resources
  • Saving water
  • Preventing deforestation
  • Saving the energy used to produce cardboard and paper

We collect and recycle all dry, clean paper and unwaxed card materials. However, we do not collect laminating paper. If you are not sure if the kind of paper you have can be recycled, contact our customer service team to find out. Our recycling facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment that enables us to recycle large volumes of cardboard and paper. The paper waste we recycle can be reused as industrial paper, toilet paper, pencil barrels, egg cartons, packaging, home insulation, kitten litter, and food cartons, among other products.

We can assist you in disposing of your cardboard and paper efficiently. You just need to inform us about the number of recycling skip bins you require. Our team will drop them off at your place of business. Inform us when we should collect the containers or call us when the containers need to be emptied. Regardless of the kind and size of business you own, we can take care of your paper and cardboard recycling needs in Sydney.If you’re unsure, give a ring to our friendly customer service team on 03 9945 8400.