Soft Plastic Recycling Brisbane

Every week, businesses in Brisbane handle large volumes of deliveries. Each delivery is wrapped in waste materials such as cardboards or soft plastics. Instead of placing these materials in regular waste containers where they take up space and cause problems for local collection vehicles, consider recycling.

Why? Because Inspired Waste Solutions makes it easy. Our team provides soft plastic recycling in Brisbane and surrounding areas. Call us today on 03 9945 8400  to find out what we can do for your business.

General Waste Management

Why Is Soft Plastic Recycling Important?

Soft plastics are currently not accepted by local waste collection services. They can be disposed of in landfills or, as a far superior option, handled by a specialist waste disposal team. With help from Inspired Waste Solutions, recycling is always the best option because our team ensures you don’t have to do a thing.

For an affordable fee, we’ll supply recycling bins and collect your soft plastic waste as often as required. We’ll transport it to a licensed recycling facility where it can be re-purposed and reused. All you need to do is put your soft plastics in the right place.

The most common types of soft plastic waste are:

LDPE (low density polyethylene)- LDPE is commonly used as stretch, shrink and pallet wrap. It’s also found in packages for electronic goods and computing equipment. It’s normally transparent which makes it especially suitable for reuse via recycling.

Polystyrene and EPSPolystyrene and EPS (expanded polystyrene) are commonly used as packing foam or packaging peanuts. They are 100% recyclable but must be collected in suitable recycling containers and disposed of at approved treatment facilities.

What Does Inspired Waste Solutions Do with Soft Plastics?

Our disposal team collects pallet wrap, shrink film, expanded polystyrene and other types of soft plastic waste. Call us for advice if you’re not sure if your waste is eligible.

We transport the waste materials from your business premises to a recycling facility in customised containers. Once there, it gets sorted, baled, washed and repurposed into a wide variety of reusable products.

Your soft plastic waste in Brisbane can go on a journey which enables it to be useful a second or even a third time. To make it happen, just call Inspired Waste Solutions today on 03 9945 8400.