General Waste Disposal Sydney

All businesses generate waste and disposing of it appears challenging. However, it is easier than you think. By working with our waste management company, you can keep your business premises free from general wastes. Inspired Waste Solutions has an extensive network of specialist sorting, treatment, and processing facilities in and across Sydney that can turn general wastes into reused. This is a resources that can be utilised and  way to conserve finite natural resources and keep most waste from ending up in landfills or oceans.

Inspired Waste Solutions consider all waste as a resource. With our tailored solutions, you can improve your sustainability rates by re-routing rubbish from landfills without compromising on environmental standards and safety. We have a waste disposal solution for any business. Whether you want to recover titanium from mining wastes, refine used lubricating oil or manage grease trap maintenance, we can meet your needs. We have organised our solutions around several operating segments, which include:

  • Industrial Waste Services Sydney – Industries create different types of waste. That’s why we offer a comprehensive general waste disposal service that can collect and dispose of all kinds of industrial waste in Sydney.
  • Solid Waste Services Sydney – We operate large solid waste disposal and recycling facilities across Sydney. Leading post collection and resource recovery facilities support our facilities. We serve many municipal councils and local enterprises.
  • Liquids & Oil Waste Services Sydney – We are a large hydrocarbon recycling business and a leader in the overall liquid waste disposal market in Sydney. We collect and process thousands of litres of liquid wastes including mineral oils as well as hazardous and non-hazardous liquids.


Bulk Bins

They are large bins well suited for projects that generate vast amounts of waste like industrial and construction projects. They have room for wastes that cannot be compacted. They offer a safe, secure, and convenient way to deposit general wastes through large open tops and walk-in doors.

Skip Bins

These bins are also known as Marrell bins, and they are ideal for use in many different waste disposal projects, including office cleanups.

Wheelie Bins

They are sturdy and lightweight bins, which are perfect for daily use. They are suitable for small businesses that cannot manage to store huge front lift waste containers on site.


We have a compactor service that is well suited for businesses that generate vast volumes of light or medium-density general wastes. You can use them to compact recyclable or non-recyclable wastes.

Roller Packers

You can use them in the place of compactors. They are suitable for large amounts of bulky recyclable materials or general wastes that need to be compacted in open-top containers.

Offshore Bins

We can provide you with bulk waste bins that are ideal for use on offshore facilities and rigs.

Tippler Bins

These bins help reduce the need to handle waste manually. They are designed to be secured on a forklift and used to transport waste materials from the work areas to a bulk bin receptacle.


Inspired Waste Solutions has provided general waste disposal solutions for over 20 years. We always encourage our clients to recycle the waste generated in their businesses, but we know that they cannot do 100 percent recycling. Here is where we come in to play. We have a wide range of bins that can cater for all your waste recycling and general waste disposal needs.To get rid of your mess, without the fuss, call us on 03 9945 8400 .