Garden and Organic Waste Melbourne

Reduce Food Waste Fast with Organic Waste Management Services

Food and other types of organic waste is often the first target when it comes to talking about commercial recycling. Food waste is one of the least recycled waste streams in Australia despite producing the largest volumes of unwanted material.

One of the main reasons for this is efficiency; many businesses lack a fast, fuss-free way to recycle vegetable scraps, grains, eggshells, coffee grounds, bakery waste and other materials. It’s why Inspired Waste Solutions partners with local businesses to implement responsible recycling and organic waste management.

Some Promises from Inspired Waste Solutions

We don’t just remove organic waste. We work closely with businesses in Melbourne and surrounding areas to reduce net amounts of waste. With the help of our highly trained team, you can save money and time by decreasing volumes of unsold or expired product.

The organic waste you do produce will be redirected to specialist recycling centres and converted into high-quality composts and soils. You’ll save on waste removal costs and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your production processes.

While we primarily work with food production lines, we also offer garden waste removal services to landscapers and commercial renovators. Say goodbye to the days of heavy, wet and dirty general waste. With our specially designed recycling containers, your general and organic refuse can be handled separately.

We promise to increase your company’s sustainability rates, waste disposal efficiencies and environmental reputation. And we’ll do it without any drastic changes to your business model.

Green Waste Removal Made Easy with Inspired Waste Solutions

Our Melbourne & Australia wide service is flexible and can be tailored to suit the needs of your company’s organic processes. Whether you’re looking for a simple scrap collection and disposal service or monthly waste monitoring, choose Inspired Waste Solutions.

Call our team today on 03 9945 8400 to discuss your needs. Accepted items for food waste disposal and removal include bakery offcuts/waste, fruit and vegetables peelings, coffee grounds and tea bags, eggshells, dairy products, grains and pastas.

We also help with the management and disposal of garden waste such as grass cuttings, mulch, leaves and weeds. Call us to find out more.