Different Types of Waste Management for Your Business

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How a business deals with its trash plays a critical role in caring for the environment. You must understand the type of waste you are dealing with so that you could get rid of it appropriately. For instance, some waste is rendered toxic and hazardous, which means it will require special handling to prevent the handler from getting contaminated.

Below are the different types of Waste Management available for your business:

1. Landfills

This is the most popular method of waste disposal. This is where the garbage is dumped at the landfill where it is buried. This method is mostly ideal for general waste disposal. The waste first goes through the process where odor and harmful chemical are eliminated before the waste is placed on the ground.

2. Burning

It involves, burning of solid waste in extremely high temperature to convert it to gases and residue.

This method is ideal where space is limited since waste is reduced by up to 30% of its original volume. However, it is not recommended for Hazardous Waste because you risk contaminating the air.

3. Reusing and Recycling

Recycling is an environmentally friendly means of waste management. It involves converting waste product into new products. Recycling ensures that minimal energy is used and less garbage gets to the landfills. It also reduces air and water pollution as well as a reduction in greenhouse emissions.

On the other hand, reusing involves recovering discarded items to be used for other purposes. The items are processed and useful, and materials that are still in good shape are recovered.

4. Composting

This method is ideal for organic waste. It’s a natural biodegradable process that takes organic waste and turns it into nutrient-rich food for plants. No chemicals are involved. Organic waste material, i.e. plant, garden and kitchen remains are allowed to sit at one place for months until microbes slowly decompose it.

5. Avoidance

This is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is reduce the amount of waste you generate. The less amount of waste you create, the less amount of garbage gets to the landfills. You can reduce the amount of waste generated through recycling and reusing. You could, for instance, recycle old jars, recycle plastics and use them as flower vases instead of buying new ones.

You should choose a method that is more appropriate for the kind of garbage your business generates to ensure proper disposal takes place.

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